Single Saturdays: Beyries – Seule Sans Toi

Canadian and Quebecois artist released Beyries released a new single, Seule Sans Toi. The song is about missing a significant other. 

The music is French Pop. It’s a lovely ballad with a semi-fast beat, which gives the song a combination of wavy and gradient rhythms. Its mix of 70s /80s musical styles with modern/contemporary sounds is fantastic. It parallels Celine Dion’s Incognito and Catherine Lara’s Nuit Magique (Magical Night), with a slower rhythm and slight touch of Electro Pop. The piano, guitar and cello make an incredible combination. Aben Eubanks did a remarkable job producing the song. The composition is beautifully rich and intricate.

Beyries’ voice is soft and dynamic. She has a rich vocal style. She has a fantastic wavy rhythm in her singing. Beyries 

The lyrics are profound and poetic. It describes the heartache of missing a significant other. The songwriters* (list below) made an intriguing choice using a simple chorus and detailed verses to tell the story. The song has a balanced combination of using the rhyming structure ABAB with freestyle writing, which makes it smooth and flowy. Although it describes missing a loved one and relationship struggles, there’s a sense of hope. The similes and metaphors suit the subject nicely, such as mentioning palm trees growing through concrete and the change of season. It symbolizes that true love can overcome adversity and obstacles. The simplicity is fantastic, as it uses little to say so much as it implies the emotions felt in the song, giving it an incredible depth.

The single Seule Sans Toi is available.

Aben Eubanks 
Amélie Beyries 
Amélie Mandeville 
André Papanicolaou 
Doriand Avecund 
Marc Chartrain

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