First Single Fridays: Sy’rai – On My Own

American artist Sy’rai released her first single, entitled On My Own. The song is about self-love, independence, and being open to love.

The music is R&B /Soul. The song has a great mix of 90s-style R&B music combined with contemporary Pop. Keyz Bridgez & ReezyTunez produced the single and composed the song dynamically. It’s a beautiful ballad that has a calming melody. During the verses, the music is at a semi-fast pace. Then it smoothly slows down during the chorus, symbolizing peace of mind and feeling comfortable in one’s skin. The tune parallels her mother Brandy’s ballads, Destiny’s Child, and Monica’s musical styles. It feels like a meditation that works with the tune’s story. It starts with slow drum beats, then gradually picks up in tempo with wavy moments. The smooth rhythm represents life’s journey to know oneself through self-worth and self-love. The composition is beautifully intricate, with gentle, easy transitions. 

Sy’rai has a rich and soulful voice. She sings rhythmically, boldly hitting the high notes. She sounds confident and happy- it reflects in her tone. She performs this song with passion. Her vocal style is incredible and distinctive.

The lyrics are inspirational. Sy’Rai, Eric Bellinger & Jaysen C Stewart did an excellent job giving the single depth through simplistic lyrics. The song describes taking the initiative in getting to know oneself. It positively promotes self-love and self-confidence. It also celebrates finding happiness from within before being happy with someone else. Freestyle poetry is a suitable writing style for the thoughts going through the girl’s mind regarding life, independence and relationships. She’s living life as she sees fit, yet she’s open to love and marriage but wishes to focus on herself before anything or anyone else. It’s a sentiment to which I can relate. She first focuses her energy on self-love, self-worth and self-confidence. The song shows maturity and a sense of hope. There’s an inspirational and positive message for women not to feel pressured to be in a relationship and to find happiness from within. 

Happy birthday, Sy’rai!

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