Single Saturdays: Ariana Molkara – Keep Turning Without You

American singer Ariana Molkara released a new single, Keep Turning Without You. Ariana Molkara wrote and composed the song. It’s about leaving a toxic relationship and moving on.  

The music is Pop with a catchy Jazz sound. The song starts with an intense piano sound and then picks up at an even faster but consistent tempo. After that, the composition has a gradual rhythm to a fierce bang, going from a deep low sound to a bold musical beat – excellent structure. The music represents the strength to move on from a toxic/abusive relationship through the upbeat sound. It has a fascinating 80s/90s vibe. The clapping in unison in the background symbolizes solidarity and support for the young lady who chose to terminate the relationship. It parallels Queen’s We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga but with a Jazz-like rhythm. Ariana Molkara did remarkable work with the composition in capturing the various emotions during the challenging time. 

Ariana Molkara’s voice is dynamic and edgy. She sings the song with a confident attitude. She expresses relatable anger many people feel during that crucial time in the grieving process. She has an incredible passion.

The lyrics are empowering about moving on from a toxic relationship. The anger stage of anger is a crucial moment in the grieving process. That sense of strength and confidence is inspirational. The song expresses the girl’s courage to stand up for herself against her ex. The metaphors are fantastic, such as mentioning the asteroid that represents the impact of a toxic partner. The other comparison is that of no longer being like a puppet, a crucial moment to decide to end the relationship courageously. The words are powerfully well-written and full of profound, raw emotions. The effect of a song like this is phenomenal as it inspires strength and bravery for young women to break the destructive relationship cycle.  

The single Keep Turning Without You is available.

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