Single Saturdays: Raleigh Keegan – Where We Are

American artist Raleigh Keegan released a new single entitled  Where We Are, which he wrote and composed. The song is about taking a leap of faith in the journey called life and love. 

The music is Country. The song has a lovely wavy rhythm that gives a road trip vibe, which complements the song’s story nicely. The fast-paced sounds reflect excitement and anticipation of the next adventure. The music of this single has a Tim McGraw vibe with a contemporary new Country music sound. The composition is edgy with a catchy, distinctive beat. Raleigh Keegan did remarkable work with the music. He played the guitar beautifully with a dynamic and bold style. It gives the song a joyful tone.

Raleigh Keegan’s voice is deep and soulful. He has a fantastic vocal range, including gradually hitting the high notes. His vocal styles have a Garth Brooks vibe. He sings with heart and passion. 

The lyrics are romantic and from the heart. Raleigh Keegan did an incredible job describing the desire to leave everything (i.e. the everyday routine) on a whim. It also expresses a boldness to throw caution to the wind with a significant other on a journey called love. The imagery throughout the tune is fantastic. There’s a sense of adventure – travelling to discover the world. That feeling that time is at a standstill is beautiful, which is about appreciating those we love and the surroundings. It feels like Raleigh Keegan poured his heart and soul into the heartfelt words.

The single Where We Are is available.  

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