Rita Wilson Now & Forever: Duets – An Homage to 70s Classics

American actress and singer Rita Wilson released a new album, Now & Forever: Duets. She sang covers of famous songs from different eras with artists of many genres. 

The music is Pop/multi-genre. The album is nostalgic as it honours the songs’ original structures. It also has a modern/contemporary twist. The musicians, including the piano and the guitar, are remarkable. The record has rich compositions produced with heart and soul. The sound quality is incredible, and the rhythm is smooth. Incorporating different musical styles and genres into 70s classics is impressive, such as Country music in the case of Massachusetts (with Leslie Odom Jr.) and Crazy Love (Keith Urban). Another example is a cover of Jackson 5’s I’ll Be There (with Jimmie Allen), where the tempo is upbeat but follows the rhythm of the original version. The album pays a beautiful, heartfelt homage to these timeless songs. 

Rita Wilson’s voice is soulful. She adapts to the musical styles of each song and the vocal style of each artist with whom she sings. Rita Wilson and the performers on the record pay homage to the vocal styles of the original singers but also incorporate their style into these legendary songs—for example, the cover of If (by Bread) with Tim McGraw has a lovely contrast, in which Rita Wilson has contralto and soprano mixed with a husky voice. Another example is a cover of Jackson 5’s I’ll Be There (with Jimmie Allen), where both singers’ performances are impressive. The variety of vocal styles and ranges adds an incredible dynamic to the album, honouring these beautiful classics full of fantastic duets.

The album Now & Forever: Duets is available.

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