Single Saturdays: Sabrina Ponte – Rodeo Heart

American singer Sabrina Ponte released a new single, Rodeo Heart. It’s a beautiful love story, full of adventure.

The music is Country mixed with some Pop. Record One Nashville and Dallas Jack did an excellent job producing beautiful and soulful music. It parallels musical styles: Backstreet Boys’ single Drowning and Shania Twain’s hits You’ve Got a Way, From This Moment and Forever and For Always. The song has a fantastic sound. The guitar adds to the beauty of the ballad. The piano in between verses The transition of tempos is smooth and changes representing the emotions of joy and surprise. The composition is intricate and rich in rhythm and style. The music has a lovely blend of Classic Country music with Contemporary beats. It ends on an impressive fade-out.

Sabrina Ponte’s voice is deep and soulful. Her vocal range is remarkable. She sings with incredible grace.

The song tells a heartfelt love story, which starts with a reluctant young woman who doesn’t want to fall in love but suddenly and her perspective changes, bit by bit, about love and life. She describes in detail the experience of falling in love as time goes. Each verse covers the critical moments of the blossoming relationship. The song’s imagery is detailed and well-thought-out. It makes one easily imagine the scenery, even daydreaming to an extent. The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The single has a smooth lyrical flow with profound poetry. Mary Kutter, Dallas Jack and Record One Nashville did remarkable work writing the song with an incredible depth- from the heart.  

The single Rodeo Heart is available.

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