First EP Fridays: Gemma Cox – Tall Stories

Irish singer Gemma Cox released a new EP entitled Tall Stories. The themes are love and life’s journey. 

The music is Pop. The musical style has a 70s vibe. The guitar and piano add a lovely touch. The songs have an incredible rhythm. There’s a sense of nostalgia with some melancholy.

The EP has impressive ballads. Immune is an overall slow song with some fast-paced moments. The composition is dynamic. It has a relaxing beat with a lovely piano sound. The piece Hard to Heal has a bold gradient of piano playing. The musical style sounds like that of a choir. The song Lost For Words has an intense, fast-paced beat that represents a conflict of emotions. The guitar reminds me of the ballads from the 70s, including the works by Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell. It also reminds me of works by Alanis Morissette. Walking in the Snow is an impressive tune with an upbeat sound and some slow parts. It parallels the musical styles of the Irish band The Cranberries’ singles Dream and Linger.

The record has a fantastic blend of musical styles similar to the 70s and 80s within contemporary sounds.

Gemma Cox’s voice is soft and soulful. She sings with incredible richness and depth. Hearing Gemma Cox reminds me of Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O’Connor. The backup singers in the song Hard to Heal perform in perfect harmony with a sense of solidarity. Gemma Cox has a dynamic vocal style that is expressive and deep.

The EP covers the sense of hope through challenging times. The lyrics are poetic and soulful. There’s remarkable depth in each song. The EP feels personal and from the heart. The words are rich and heartfelt.

     Immune is a touching and romantic tune. It’s about the effects of being “lovesick,” to which many can relate. The song Hard to Heal covers the subject of heartache with a sense of hope that everything will be alright. The maturity is deep in this piece. The tune Lost For Words is a profound story about personal struggles in figuring out the next step in life. The raw emotions add to the genuine vulnerability. That uncertainty is something everyone goes through in life, which feels relatable. The piece Walking in the Snow is a metaphor for heartache as if facing a snowstorm, where the visibility is low, and one can only see a certain distance. 

The poetry of each song has a linguistic richness. The words reach deep within the soul, beautifully well-written.

The EP Tall Stories is available. 

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