Single Saturdays: Oscars 2023 Edition

It’s Oscar time again! I look forward to watching the 95th Academy Awards hosted this year by Jimmy Kimmel. I listened to the five songs nominated for Best Song – they’re all impressive. Each piece complements and suits the movie for which it got created.


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List of Best Song Nominees

Movie: Tell It Like A Woman
Performed by Sofia Carson
Music & Lyrics: Diane Warren

Applause is an inspirational song about women’s empowerment. It’s a lovely and heartwarming ballad. It promotes self-love, self-respect and self-compassion. Sofia Carson’s voice is soulful and reassuring. She sings from the heart – genuine empathy, solidarity and compassion. Sofia Carson sounds hopeful. The music has a natural flow. The lyrics are profound, full of positivity and encouraging words. Diane Warren does an excellent job playing the piano. The composition is incredible – great job to producer Damon Elliot. The song is a touching tune that beautifully honours women.

*Hold My Hand
Movie:  Top Gun: Maverick
Performed by Lady Gaga
Music & Lyrics: Lady Gady & Michael Tucker

Hold My Hand is a beautiful ballad performed by Lady Gaga. It’s a romantic song with a sense of hope. The lyrics are well-written, with incredible depth and emotion. The piano and the guitar are perfectly in sync with one another. Lady Gaga’s voice is rich, with a remarkable vocal range. The music is bold and powerful, expressing deep love and passion. The tune is a touching and profound story of true love, about being there for one another through the good and trying times. 

*Life Me Up
Movie: Wakanda Forever
Performed by Rihanna 
Music & Lyrics: Robyn Fenty (Rihanna), Ryan Coogler, Ludwig Gorannson & Temilade Openiyi

Life Me Up is an inspirational, poetic and romantic song. The music is calming and soothing. The instruments have a lovely folkloric rhythm, played in perfect harmony. The beat of the song is remarkably rhythmic. Rihanna’s voice is rhythmic. She sounds soothing, along with the presence of the instrumentsShe has a beautiful and pure vulnerability when she performs this song. The light is a powerful symbol of guidance – the song describes love as the light of life. There’s an emotional depth to the words, which nicely complements the movie Wakanda Forever.

*Naatu Naatu
Movie: RRR
Performed by Kaala Bhairava, M. M. Keeravani & Rahul Sipligunj
Music & Lyrics: Chandrabose

The music is fun and dynamic. The song Naatu Naatu has a catchy beat. Rahul Sipligunj & Kaala Bhairava sing in sync with one another. It has an epic party vibe. The rhythm follows the various moods felt by the characters. According to sources, the Telugu “Naatu” means dance. Although I don’t speak Telugu, judging from the tone, it sounds upbeat and celebratory. The music is incredible, with impressive intricacy. The instruments heard remind me of the darbakeh and the tambourine.

*This Is A Life
Movie: Everything Everywhere All at Once
Performed by Son Lux, Mitski & David Byrne 
Music & Lyrics: David Byrne, Ian Chang, Mitsuki Laycock, Rafiq Bhatia & Ryan Lott

The song This Is A Life has an impressive composition with a dream-like vibe. It has an eclectic yet mellow sound that works with the movie. The music is phenomenal and spirited. There’s also a piece of old-fashioned music that gives the tune a nostalgic feel. Son Lux, Mitski & David Byrne sing incredibly together. Their voices complement each other. The lyrics have incredible imagery and metaphors to describe family dynamics amidst up and downs in life.  

I’m excited to watch the musical performances of the nominated songs at the 95th Academy Awards- what a delight listening to these songs.

The 95th Academy Awards will air on March 12 at 8 pm EST- the red carpet airs at 6:30 pm EST.

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