Shabaka Hutchings’ Dynamic Album Afrikan Culture

British Jazz musician Shabaka Hutchings released a new Jazz album entitled Afrikan Culture. The themes are tradition and dance.

The music is Jazz. The album has beautiful traditional African music. Some songs have a calming meditation vibe. Other pieces have a bold intensity.

     The record offers a journey of soul-searching and self-awareness. The presence of wind chimes and the flute adds a musical flair. The compositions have a remarkable richness and dynamic intricacy. The depth into which musical styles go is incredible. It honours African roots. Some songs on the record parallel the musical scores of various movie thrillers from the 1930s and 40s. 

     The ballads on the album are soulful. Black Meditation has an incredible rhythm. The 15-pipe pan flute adds excellent depth to the song, along with some wind chimes. There’s a slight intensity that creates exciting suspense. Call It European Paradox has a fantastic harp-like beat which is relaxing. The tune Memories Don’t Live Like People Do has a relaxing and soothing sound. Ritual Awakening has an incredible tempo. It reminds me of wedding bells. The rhythm is wavy with a natural flow. Explore Inner Space has beautiful sounds representing the title and the soul-searching story. The guitar sound adds a great touch. The song Rebirth has the beautiful calming sound of wind chimes, ending the album on a soft note.

    The record also has a couple of wonderful upbeat songs. The piece Ital is Vital has a fantastic combination of fast with slow moments. The contrast in rhythm is remarkable. There is a unique dance vibe. The Dimension of Subtle Awareness is a phenomenal piece with incredible suspense- it reminds me of the score heard in old-fashioned scary movies, the black & white ones.

The album has diverse styles that pay homage to African music – a mix of traditional and modern sounds.

The album Afrikan Culture is available.

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