Single Saturdays: Emma Stackhaus – Free Love

American singer Emma Stackhaus released a new single entitled Free Love. The song is about honouring the love that one gives to others and self-love. 

The music is R&B/Soul. The tune has a fantastic combination of old-school and contemporary beats. It parallels Donna Summer’s Bad Girls. The disco beat adds a bold touch. The song has a great 70s style. It also parallels the music of The Supremes. It also has a sound similar to Whitney Houston’s Higher Love. The guitar and the piano add layers that make the rhythm upbeat and wavy – it reminds me of Spice Girls’ Never Give Up on The Good Times. The composition is dynamic in its diverse musical styles.

Emma Stackhaus’s voice is soulful and bold. She has a fantastic vocal range. She conveys the song’s message well. She sings with passion and wisdom, which is an impressive combination.

There’s a beautiful and poetic depth. The lyrics are powerful but also full of hope. The song positively promotes the importance of self-love and loving others. The sentence “don’t be a slave to your passion” is influential in teaching us the importance of logic, even when it comes to matters of the heart, by keeping things in perspective regarding responsibilities and living life. It also acquaints the lesson of giving love to the right people. The freestyle writing works well with that free spirit vibe. It celebrates the joy of genuine love, which is love that goes beyond the body and looks. The words are simplistic, but they speak volumes about love and self-love- a little goes a long way concept. The song is full of joy, hope, positivity, and important lessons about love/self-love. 

The single Free Love is available.

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