Single Saturdays: Samara Joy – Sweet Pumpkin

Featuring Gerald Clayton

American artist Samara Joy has another duo version of her single Sweet Pumpkin featuring Gerald Clayton playing the piano. It’sIt’s a heartfelt love story.

The music is Jazz. Gerald Clayton plays the piano remarkably. The piano solo is impressive to hear. A lovely old-fashioned beat parallels the musical tunes heard in Jazz clubs. It has the 1940s/50s vibe. The dynamic rhythm has moments of an upbeat sound, then to a semi-slow pace, but it also gives the feeling of wanting to get and dance. It also parallels a Christmas classic (Everybody’s Waitin’ For), The Man With The Bag, especially Darren Criss’s version featuring Adam Lambert. The composition has impressive intricacy and structure. The music complements the song’ssong’s romantic vibe.

Samara Joy’sJoy’s voice is soulful but also passionate. She sings with rhythm and flair. Her vocal style parallels a mix of Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. 

The title Sweet Pumpkin is a charming term of endearment, which nicely describes the budding romance. The lyrics are cute and heartfelt. The words are from the heart, dreaming about the future and building a life with a partner – something many can relate to. That sense of hope is genuine. A woman admitting her feelings for the one she loves is bold and sweet. The song has charm and joy. There’sThere’s beautiful freestyle writing that works nicely with the song’s story. 

The single Sweet Pumpkin (duo version featuring Gerald Clayton) is available.

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