Single Saturdays: Samara Joy – Can’t Get Out of This Mood

Featuring Gerald Clayton

American singer Samara Joy has a new single entitled Can’t Get Out of This Mood. It starts with a woman with a scheme to someone falling in love and having no idea what to do about it.

The music is Jazz. This song is the piano version of Can’t Get Out of This Mood with the piano played by Gerald Clayton. It has a fantastic 1950s movie vibe. It parallels those music clubs in classic Hollywood films from the 1940s and 50s. It also reminds me of George Michael’s 80s hit Kissing a Fool, but with a slightly faster tempo. The composition is beautifully intricate, with an incredible sound. It has a slower beat than the album version. The song has a great rhythm and beat.

Samara Joy’s voice is bold. She sings with great passion. Her vocal style parallels Ella Fitzgerald. Samara Joy has a remarkable vocal range, hitting each note perfectly. 

The lyrics are incredible. It starts with the woman scheming, then love hits her, and she feels surprised. The words describe the mixed emotions one feels when an attraction develops into a potential love, which feels like a surprise-there also runs the risk of heartbreak. The song is relatable when trying to resist the feeling of a budding romance. There’s a beautiful simplicity to the words and the meaning that gives it rich poetry.

The single Can’t Get Out of This Mood is available.

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