Samara Joy’s Latest Album Linger Awhile

American singer Samara Joy released a new album entitled Linger Awhile. The themes are love and adventure, with some dramatic moments. 

The music is Jazz. The album has the 1940s/50s vibe. The team of musicians: Pasquale Grasso (guitar), Ben Paterson (piano), Kenny Washington(drums), David Wong (bass), and Kendrick McAllister (tenor saxophone), did an excellent job capturing the old-fashioned Jazz sound. The sound quality of the record is incredible. These songs’ intricacies are rich, with dynamic mixes of musical styles.
    The album has some fast-paced songs: Can’t Get Out of This MoodSweet Pumpkin, and Linger Awhile. Can’t Get Out of This Mood has fantastic bass and piano sounds. It has a charming beat. The piece Sweet Pumpkin has incredible guitar music playing in the background. Excellent job Pasquale Grasso. It reminds me of old-fashioned Jazz music. Linger Awhile has an impressive sound that parallels the style of Dick Van Dyke’s Put on a Happy Face. It’s upbeat and cheerful. These fast-paced songs are fantastic, with catchy beats and melodic tones.
      The record has impressive ballads that are romantic or sad but express profound emotions in the music. Guess Who I Saw Today has beautiful piano beats complementing the storytelling vibe. Misty has soothing guitar sounds that work nicely with the romantic ambiance. I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You) has beautiful bass playing in the background. There’s a boldness in how David Wong plays the bass – it adds a bold touch. ‘Round Midnight has an excellent rhythm for transitioning from sadness to joy. It slowly picks up in tempo to a faster beat, with a smooth transition and vice-versa. Someone to Watch Over Me has a beautiful piano sound. Pasquale Grasso transitions from one rhythm to another smoothly. 
     Some tunes have a remarkable mix of fast and slow, perfectly structured compositions. Nostalgia (The Day I Knew) has an impressive combination of fast and slow that complements the storytelling aspect. The tune Social Call has an upbeat sound, then occasionally slows down in tempo to demonstrate the woman’s challenges she faces in life. These tunes have great musical styles combined in a balanced fashion. 
    The album Linger Awhile has phenomenal compositions, some of which feel cozy and comforting while others are upbeat and joyful.

Samara Joy’s voice is deep and soulful. She sings from the heart. She has a fantastic old-fashioned way of performing her songs that parallel a mix of vocal styles, such as Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. 

The lyrics are poetic and spirited. The songs cover an impressive range of feelings regarding affairs of love. The words are full of heart & soul. Each piece is deep, expressing mixed emotions such as love or heartbreak, a fine line between love and vulnerability.  
     The album has an incredible set of love songs expressing joy and genuine vulnerability. Can’t Get Out of This Mood is a cute song about unexpectedly falling in love. Guess Who I Saw Today is a touching story about a woman telling a significant other about a friend she saw and observing a couple who looked like they were in love. The song Nostalgia (The Day I Knew) is a romantic story about a woman remembering when she fell in love and went down memory lane. Sweet Pumpkin is a cute love story with fun and flair, saying Sweet Pumpkin as a term of endearment. Misty is a touching love song about a woman appreciating the little in her relationships. The piece I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You) is a moving tune about a woman expressing her love to someone who may not feel the same way. Linger Awhile is an optimistic and joyful song about love and embracing life. The tune Someone to Watch Over Me is a lovely story of how love can feel complex but beautiful and sweet. 
 There are some sad songs with impressive nuances that cover heartbreak but also life after it. The song Social Call demonstrates sadness and a sense of hope. It represents that things can pick up, even in challenging times. The piece ‘Round Midnight describes the concept of dealing with life’s challenges with precision, but there’s also a silver lining. It teaches an essential lesson about appreciating the good times, especially during hardships. 
     The songs on the album have an incredible poetic depth and emotion. These tunes are rich in language with diverse ways to describe love and the fine line between a crush to true love or heartbreak. Those also represent the nuances of life and love with incredible precision.

The album Linger Awhile is available. 

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