Russ Hewitt’s Latest Album Chasing Horizons

American guitarist and composer Russ Hewitt released a new album entitled Chasing Horizons. The themes are living life to the fullest and pursuing one’s dreams.

Russ Hewitt is an incredible guitar player. The music is Latin, mixed with some Classical. The compositions are rich in rhythm and culture. The beat of every song is memorable. The album has a relaxing Summer vibe. The tunes reminded me of Spain when I went there a while back. The feeling the record gives is nostalgic and cozy.

Santana vibe

   The album has some soulful ballads. Amor Perdido is a romantic piece that parallels a single by Enrique Iglesias, Rhythm Divine. The song Sunset Samba has a lovely beach vibe, which is on the mind of many (for those going through the Winter months). Luna is an impressive musical tune full of intrigue and style – a feeling of suspense which gives it a bold edge. The song Serein has a beautiful Mediterranean feel. It is relaxing and easygoing. The piece Return to Simitai reminds me of the relaxing of Japanese Classical music. These ballads are phenomenal, with great musical Latin styles.

      The record also has amazing, fast-paced songs like Allende and Vivir LibreAllende is a remarkable song with a fantastic rhythm that makes one want to get up and dance. The piece Chasing Horizons has an upbeat sound that compliments the travelling/road trip mood, which is especially relevant to the recent desire to travel. The tune Vivir Libre reminds me of the music I heard in my travels to the South of Spain when I saw a performance with flamenco dancers. The song Luminous has a remarkably wavy rhythm that is dynamic and exciting. It also has a sweet romantic vibe. Cuballia Cafe reminds me of Santana’s music, especially in the early 2000s. There’s remarkable guitar playing on Russ Hewitt’s part. The fast-paced tunes are fantastic and full of catchy beats and sounds.

The album Chasing Horizons is available.

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