Single Saturdays: Tarra – Time Of Our Lives

Indian-American singer Tarra has a new single entitled Time of Our Lives. The song is about having fun and going on a weekend road trip full of fun and adventure.

The music is Pop. It parallels the 90s/2000s-style Pop, especially the girl bands such as the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. The song starts with ocean waves in the background, then transitions to a beat that parallels the single Up by Shania Twain. The tune has a catchy sound that is upbeat and exciting. The guitar in the background is fantastic. The transition of rhythms is impressive and smooth, going from fast to slow and fast again. There’s also a Rachel Platten vibe with a musical style similar to the song Stand by You. The music is dynamic, with a bold and wavy rhythm that works with the subjects of the road trip and embracing life. 

Tarra’s voice is cheerful and rhythmic. She sings with hope and enthusiasm. Her mood suits the song’s message perfectly. She has a vibrant sound in her vocal style. 

The lyrics are joyful and full of hope. The song promotes the importance of taking a break from routine and work. The use of freestyle writing complements the message of taking a trip and living life with spontaneity and fun. It makes the song flow smoothly, like a road trip or plane ride. The mention of the seaside represents the popular places for trips to escape everyday life. The living-in-the-moment feeling is palpable. The poetry is touching. Tarra did an excellent job writing the lyrics, which feel from the heart. 

The single Time Of Our Lives is available. 

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