First EP Fridays: Rilo Wye – Better For No Reason

American singer Rilo Wye released his first EP, Better For No Reason. The themes are melancholy and hope.

The music is Alternative. The music has a dynamic mix of styles, ranging from 80s Rock to contemporary Alternative beats. The songs consist of great ballads, expressing a variety of profound emotions. The guitar is fantastic in the EP. The song Glass is a rhythmic ballad that parallels U2’s Stuck in a Moment (a hit in the 2000s) but with a slower beat. Better for Whatever Reason has bold sounds that parallel a combination of them, such as David Bowie’s Modern Love and Space Oddity (1972 edition), 90s techno and Britney Spears’ single Toxic. The mix of slow and fast is well-structured, with smooth transitions. The song Dry has an excellent composition that parallels Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve but with a slower rhythm. More Than You Need has soothing music that reminds me of the works of The Tragically Hip and the solo music works of the late Gord Downie. The piece NE Winds has musical styles similar to David Usher and The Gorillaz), as well as Coldplay. The music throughout the EP is dynamic and rhythmic.

Rilo Wye’s voice is soft and husky. His vocal style has a David Usher vibe. He sings with heart and soul, a bold finesse. He expresses with precision the various emotions, including mixed feelings. Rilo Wye’s voice is deep and rich with rhythm.

The lyrics are poetic, with impressive and sometimes abstract imagery. The words are profound, full of heart and soul, including a touching vulnerability. It’s fantastic how the songs allow them to be open to interpretation. The tune Glass is a metaphor that refers to how one sees a glass of water – half full or half empty, depending on how one feels. The poetic structure includes a great Haiku-style of three lines. The stream-of-consciousness writing style reminds me of Bohemian Rhapsody in terms of the lyrical flow. The song Better for Whatever Reason is an impressive take on the shift of emotions one goes through in everyday life. The piece Dry has an important message: to break out of the rut, see the world, and go on adventures, living life to the max. The use of freestyle poetry complements the song beautifully. More Than You Need is an impressive piece, rich in emotions and smoothly transitioning from sadness to peace of mind. The tune NE Winds is a profound piece about how life is like the wind; it goes how it’s supposed to, which can be contrary to what one wants or imagines. It has a beautiful philosophical depth. My interpretation is that there is an underlying message that everything happens for a reason. The songs are rich in language, poetry and deep emotions.

The EP Better for Whatever Reason is available.

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