Single Saturdays: Robby Johnson – Love You Kinda Wine

Canadian artist Robby Johnson has released a new single entitled Love You Kinda Wine. The song is about a blooming love story.

The music is Country. It parallels the Country music styles of Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks but with a modern touch. The melody of this piece touches the soul with a bold and rich tone. The song has a pleasant wavy rhythm with an incredible beat. The guitar in the background is fantastic to hear in the background. The composition has an impressive combination of slow and fast rhythms with ballad-like moments. They nicely represent the progression of the sweet love story.

Robby Johnson’s voice is fantastic. He sounds sincere and soulful. He sings the song with boldness and style. 

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The song describes love as a quality wine – a metaphor for the passion and intensity of this new romance. Instead of drunk on wine, it represents being “drunk” on love, which is cute. It’s also about savouring the moment with a significant other and appreciating the little things. The progression of the love in this tune is heartfelt and profound. It’s nice to hear a man being a gentleman in taking time in a developing relationship and not rushing into anything. The words are poetic, full of heart and soul.

The single Love You Kinda Wine is available.

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