First Album: Yates McKendree – Buchanan Lane

American artist Yates McKendree has released his first album entitled Buchanan Lane. The themes are heartbreak and love. 

The music is Blues/ Country. The album parallels music from Elvis Presley’s works in the 50s and 60s. The guitar and the saxophone add to the old-school ambiance. 
     There are two musical pieces with amazing Jazz music: Out Crowd and Voodoo. The album starts and ends with musical numbers, an interesting detail.
       The Blues music on the album is remarkable. WiseAlways A First Time, No Justice, It Hurts To Love Someone, Please Mr. Doctor and Wine, Wine, Wine are songs with bold compositions. It has an incredible combination of 1950s and contemporary sounds. The music is rich and deep.
      The album also has fantastic Country-style music with dynamic beats. The tunes No Reason and Papa Ain’t Salty have musical styles parallel to Elvis Presley, especially in the 1950s. The examples are Ruby Lee, Papa Ain’t Salty, No Reason, Qualified, and Brand New Neighborhood. The song Brand New Neighborhood parallels the popular 50s Rock music, especially in the moviesIt also reminds me of the 1978 classic Grease (a 50s-themed story)The tune No Reason has an impressive Jazz beatThe piece Qualified reminds me of George Michael’s single Freedom ’90.  

     The music throughout the record is dynamic and nostalgic. The 1950s Rock adds an exciting musical touch.

The performances are remarkable. Yates McKendree’s voice is husky and rich. He sings rhythmically in each song of the album. Hearing backup singers gives a lovely touch to the record’s 1950s vibe that reminds me of musical specials, such as the Ed Sullivan Show and Jazz Clubs (the ones seen in old movies). Yates McKendree has an impressive vocal range.

The lyrics are diverse and profound. The storytelling aspect of the album reminds me of classic films from the 30s, 40s and 50s—some even parallel stories in Cowboy movies. The words are well-written and from the heart.

     Some songs tell touching love stories. Ruby Lee is a heartfelt love story that parallels various Elvis movies from the 1950s and 60s. The piece Brand New Neighborhood (love) is also a cute story that reminds me of many films from the 1950s when someone new moves into town. Papa Ain’t Salty is a sweet tune about a man acknowledging his mistakes to those near him. The tune Wine, Wine, Wine is about a man enjoying wine with his love. These love songs are full of heart and soul.

     Other tunes cover the relatable topic of heartbreak. Wise is a song about courageously moving on from a toxic relationship, which isn’t easy. It’s also about someone who found true love. No Justice is a heartbreaking tune about the struggles to let go of someone unsuitable for a relationship. Always A First Time is about dealing with life’s challenges for the first time, including the first heartbreak. There’s so much depth in the lyrics. No Reason is a profound piece about a man whose partner isn’t kind to him, and he courageously stands up for himself. The song It Hurts To Love Someone is about being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way, which is a familiar struggle for many full of raw emotions. Please Mr. Doctor is a touching piece about a man whose significant other is unwell and tries to get help.

    There are inspirational songs. For example, Qualified as an excellent tune about being confident in one’s skin and not comparing oneself to others.

    The songs are fantastic and diverse. There’s incredible depth and poetry in the lyrics. 

The album Buchanan Lane is available.

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