First EP Fridays: The Flip Phones – Better in the Dark  

American group, The Flip Phones has released their first EP, Better in the Dark. The themes are the journey of life and the cycle of birth/rebirth.

The music is Rock combined with Indie Pop and Folk. The EP has an incredible combination of 70s Rock and 90s Grunge. The guitar in the background is impressive. The beats are edgy and bold. Man-Made Moon parallels the single The Way by FastballIt also reminds me of Tragically Hip’s Rock/Alternative 90s music. The song When the Lights Go Low reminds me of a tune, City of Stars from La La Land, but with a faster beat. It parallels the single from Green Day, Good Riddance. It also has a Mamas & Papas vibe. The piece Sips of the Sky parallels Queen’s 90s hit Breakthru and the drum and guitar beats of Blink-182’s music. The song Glaciers and Rainbows has a lovely 70s feel. The piece Fly Back to the Moon has a musical style that sounds similar to the song The Horse with No Name. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright is an impressive fast-paced ballad. It reminds me of Queen’s single Doing Alright from their first album, but with a touch of Alternative. There are excellent compositions, including a great use of the harmonica. Lindsey plays the keyboard, flute, and melodica remarkably, and Ryan did a fantastic job with the guitar.

The members Lindsey and Ryan’s voices are bold and dynamic. Ryan sounds husky, and Lindsey’s voice is soft – an incredible contrast. They are a great duo, in sync with one another. Their voices complement each nicely. 

The EP’s vibe is the cycle of birth and rebirth. There’s a sense of hope, the message about the light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics are profound and poetic. The songs have impressive metaphors ( especially regarding the moon and sky). The imagery of each piece is phenomenal, leaving room for the listener to interpret these incredible songs. The titles are memorable and creative.
 The EP has a few romantic songs. The song, When the Lights Go Low, is about love and companionship. The tune Glaciers and Rainbows is a touching childlike wonder. It’s a lovely metaphor for discovering the world and travelling. Fly Back to the Moon is a beautiful love song.
  The record also covers the journey of life and human struggles. Man-Made Moon is an impressive song about the impacts of “man-made” things on everyday life. There are more optimistic tunes, however. Sips of the Sky is an inspirational tune about living life to the fullest. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright is a hopeful song about how not to give up and keep hoping for the best, to have faith.
The six songs on the EP have remarkable poetry and depth. The words are heartfelt and soulful.

The EP Better in the Dark is available.

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