My Silent Bravery’s cover Album Uncovered

American group, My Silent Bravery, has a new album entitled Uncovered. It consists of famous songs from different decades and different genres.

The music is Pop/Rock/Alternative. The compositions are impressive. My Silent Bravery did a remarkable job producing these famous tunes with their spin on them. Matthew Wade plays his guitar remarkably throughout the album, which adds to his personal touch. The most impressive Pop/Rock is the spin on Nelly’s single Ride with Me. It’s remarkable to hear the structure of each song, but the musical style changes, which boldly impacts the vibe of each piece. The music is phenomenal. There’s a contemporary touch to these pieces – it honours these timeless classics while adding a personal take from the band. 

Matthew Wade’s voice is husky and bold. He sounds dynamic in his singing style. He sings these covers from the heart and honours the songs with his take on the classics. He performs these pieces with great rhythm. Matthew Wade captures the nostalgic feeling when one hears these well-known tunes.¬†

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