Spice World Movie: 25th Anniversary

December 26, 2022, marks the 25th Anniversary of the film Spice World, starring the Spice Girls. It was a fantastic movie that brought back many memories: the songs, the funny scenes and Geri’s famous Union Jack dress.

The movie is about the Spice Girls and their adventures travelling and performing concerts in the UK and worldwide, as well as personal experiences. The musical numbers are fantastic to watch, such as the boot camp sequence and the rehearsal scene in Italy. The celebrity cameo appearances include Elton John, the late stars Meat Loaf and Roger Moore, etc. A fun sequence was when the Spice Girls did a photoshoot, dressing up as iconic celebrities or characters. The film creates all sorts of nostalgic feelings, especially as a fan myself. My fave scene is when Victoria/Posh Spice drives the tour bus to the concert and manages to get from one part of the bridge to the other as it opens, like in an action film. The music and the story are fun, sweet and heartfelt.

Spice World isn’t just about the music but also friendship, loyalty and love. The girls were there for each other and their pregnant friend Nicole, even if it meant being late for their concert. They also learn more about themselves, besides their musical career, honouring the concept of Girl Power. I enjoyed watching it again all these years later.

Happy 25th Anniversary to the movie Spice World!

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