Musical Discovery 2022: Lauren Spencer-Smith

The Musical Discovery of 2022 is Canadian singer Lauren Spencer-Smith. She primarily has songs about heartbreak, a mix of sadness, then transitioning to a desire to move on from the pain. I heard about her music in the news when I first heard her single Fingers Crossed. It’s a remarkable piece, which I reviewed in March 2022. Another incredible song is  Single on The 25th, about the difficulties of Christmas for single people.

Lauren Spencer-Smith has dynamic Pop music. Her musical style parallels Alicia Keys and Christina Perri. Her music is edgy and distinctive. The song that made her career was her self-released Fingers Crossed,released in 2022. She is a phenomenal artist – a fantastic talent.

Her voice is soulful, rich and deep. She sings with passion and genuine vulnerability. She courageously sings about heartbreak, then a sense of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel. Her style of covering the topic of heartbreak is profound and complex. She has impressive courage in her words. She also performs each song with understanding and self-compassion. I heard a fantastic cover of CeeLo Green’s Crazy, with a musical style of Pop.

Lauren Spencer-Smith is fantastic. She has many incredible singles (i.e. Flowers and Narcissist) and two live albums, Unplugged Vol 1 and Unplugged Vol 2. She is phenomenal. 

I look forward to hearing her studio albums. I wish Lauren Spencer-Smith a successful musical career.

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