Day 9: Pentatonix – Holidays Around The World

American group Pentatonix released a new Christmas album, Holidays Around The World. It has eight renditions and four original songs.

The music is Holiday and Pop. The album has a 70s vibe and musical styles from around the world, with a modern touch, especially on the Holiday classics. The multiple producers of the record did an excellent job creating a lovely combination of worldly music genres. Hearing the diverse instruments gives the album a dynamic feel. For example, Love Came on Christmas (Joy To The World x Kumama Papa) (Ft. Grace Lokwa) has a beautiful blend of cultural and musical styles produced by Pentatonix and Ben Bram. There’s also the bold touch of adding techno style, such as the rendition of Wham’s Last Christmas (feat. HIKAKIN & SEIKIN) with a break-dancing beat. The music is incredible in the diversity of sounds- a musical style for almost every preference. The compositions are beautifully intricate and rich.

Pentatonix sings incredible acapella. They perform the Christmas classics beautifully, including fantastic duets with artists from around the world. The piece Kid On Christmas (featuring Meghan Trainor) is a perfect example of vocal styles singing harmoniously. Each duet has an artist from diverse parts of the world, which makes an incredible cultural mosaic, like the song Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (featuring Hiba Tawaji) in English and Arabic. Impressive!

The album has four fantastic original songs: Kid On Christmas (Ft. Meghan Trainor), Love Came on Christmas (Joy To The World x Kumama Papa) (feat. Grace Lokwa),  Star On Top (feat. Ilya Toshinskiy), and Invincible (Ft. Shreya Ghoshal). The song Kid On Christmas (feat. Meghan Trainor) is a fun and cheerful piece with a childlike spirit. Kevin Olusola, Matt Sallee, Scott Hoying, Jared Conrad, Meghan Trainor and Trannie Anderson wrote it with heart and joy. Love Came on Christmas (Joy To The World x Kumama Papa) (feat. Grace Lokwa) is an incredible blend of an original tune combined with a holiday classic. Scott Hoying, Kevin Olusola and Matt Sallee did a remarkably balanced combination of two songs. The piece Star On Top (feat. Ilya Toshinskiy) is heartfelt and romantic. Kevin Olusola, Chris August and Matt Sallee did an excellent job describing the Christmas spirit. Invincible (feat. Shreya Ghoshal) has an inspirational message of hope, courage and determination, with impressive writing by Toby Gad, Sid Sriram and Nisha Arsani. These four original songs have the Christmas feeling full of heart and soul. 

The album Holidays Around The World is available.

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