Day 4: Joss Stone -Merry Christmas, Love

British singer Joss Stone has a new Christmas album entitled Merry Christmas, Love. It consists of 14 covers and two original pieces.

The music is Holiday and Pop/Brit Pop. The band playing on the record did an excellent job on the album, combining traditional Christmas music with Pop. Snow and Let It Snow are examples that follow that impressive mix. The Christmas Song and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas have a smooth Jazz-style rhythm. Joss Stone’s rendition of Silent Night is an incredible ballad with the beautiful music of the violin. Away in a Manger has the lovely sounds of the Choir in the background. Hearing Joss Stone’s version of White Christmas reminds me of the original version, but with a touch of R&B. The music of the original pieces, If You Believe and Bring on Christmas Day, has an excellent Pop beat mixed in nicely with old-fashioned Christmas music. The compositions are incredible, soulful and well-thought-out.

Joss Stone’s voice is bold and soulful. Her vocal style parallels those of Tina Turner, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey. She sings with grace, and she performs the songs from the heart. Joss Stone has a remarkable vocal range.

The album has two original songs: If You Believe and Bring on Christmas Day. These Christmas songs are heartwarming and describe the joys of the holiday season with heart and soul. The piece If You Believe has a positive message of sharing joy and kindness, especially during the festive holiday season. It also inspires hope and faith. Bring on Christmas Day is a cheerful and hopeful song that everything will be okay, no matter what comes one’s way. Joss Stone wrote and produced these two beautiful tunes with touching poetry. 

The album Merry Christmas, Love is available. 

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