Day 2: Lindsey Stirling – Snow Waltz

American violinist Lindsey Stirling has released a Christmas album entitled Snow Waltz. It has nine covers and two originals. 

The music is Holiday and Pop, combined with Classical. The covers of the Christmas classics have an impressive modern touch and have a musical format. For example, Sleigh Ride and  God Rest Ye Gentleman have music that parallels Irish Folklore. Lindsey Stirling plays the violin remarkably. Another example is Deck the Halls, where the song starts with the music of Deck the Halls and then briefly switches to other classics throughout the piece (i.e. Silent Night, O Ye Faithful, We Wish You A Merry Christmas)The transition is smooth and precise. The album has a great variety of musical styles.

   The album has two original musical compositions and three performed by singers. The piece Snow Waltz parallels classical works (i.e. the Nutcracker), and the music heard with Irish dancing but with a slower tempo). It impressively transitions from fast to slow and vice-versa. The song Ice Storm has a story vibe filled with intrigue and suspense. The rhythm is fast-paced and exciting. Crazy for Christmas (featuring Bonnie McKee) has incredible Pop music combined with Jazz and Classical styles. Christmas Time with You (featuring Frawley) has a beautiful composition – a mix of Jazz and a Pop beat parallel to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. The violin in the song Magic (featuring David Archuleta) is fantastic, with its precision and intricacy. The rhythm is well-structured, complementing the story nicely. The compositions are beautiful and rich in artistic sounds and style.

Lindsey Stirling sings a few songs with style (O Holy Night, Deck The Halls, and O Come, O Come, Emmanuel). There are three songs featuring artists who perform them: Crazy for Christmas featuring Bonnie McKee, Christmas Time with You featuring Frawley, and Magic featuring David Archuleta. 

There are three original songs with lyrics full of holiday cheer:  Crazy for Christmas (featuring Bonnie McKee), Christmas Time with You (featuring Frawley) and Magic (featuring David Archuleta). The song Crazy for Christmas (featuring Bonnie McKee) is cute and whimsical. Christmas Time with You (featuring Frawley) is romantic and sweet. The tune Magic David Archuleta) is hopeful and heartwarming, even romantic. The words are poetic, with linguistic richness and depth.

The album Snow Waltz is available.

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