Remembering Johnny Hallyday: 5 Years After His Passing

December 5, 2022, marks the 5th anniversary of Johnny Hallyday’s passing. The French Rock star made a splash in the music scene starting in the 1960s.

He had a career that spanned from 1960 until his passing. Johnny Hallyday’s debut single was Laisse Les Filles (forget the girls), a song found on the Hello Johnny. Other hits include Que Je T’aime (oh, I love you) and J’ai Un Problème (I have a problem) with Sylvie Vartan (who was his wife at the time they did the song). The impact of Johnny Hallyday in the music world was impressive. His Rock & Roll style was bold, for which he became known as the “French Elvis.” His voice was passionate and powerful. He had an unforgettable sound in his singing style. He captured the essence of each song he performed. According to sources, he had 51 albums, 29 studio albums and 165 singles, which is incredible. 

Although I didn’t grow up in the era of Johnny Hallyday in the 60s/70s, I found his musical works remarkable. Even though it’s been five years since he passed away, his music is timeless and phenomenal. 

Rest in peace, Johnny Hallyday

Flora Youssef.

Side Note

There’s a Johnny Hallyday doll that I saw once a while back. It was nice. 

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