Soundtrack Saturdays: Spirited

Last month, the movie Spirited and its soundtrack came out. The story is an inspiration from the Christmas classic A Christmas Carol, made into a musical.

The music is Holiday. The composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul did remarkable work composing the soundtrack’s songs. There is a Broadway vibe with a theatrical music style. The tracks parallel Christmas classics mixed with modern beats. The songs are lively, with impressive sounds by incredible musicians.

The actors did an excellent job performing the soundtrack’s songs. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds sing incredibly together as a duet. Octavia Spencer, Patrick Page, Sunita Mani, and Tracy Morgan perform on the soundtrack, sometimes with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynold. They were fantastic. The Spirited Ensemble was also remarkable, performing with the cast throughout the soundtrack. The reprise of That Christmas Morning Feelin’, with performances by Marlow Barkley, Andrea Anders and Jen Tullock, was heartfelt.

The soundtrack’s songs complement the movie- each piece represents the different aspects of the story. That Christmas Morning Feelin’ is a lively tune, a summary of what Spirited is all about regarding the holiday season. There are two heartwarming and lovely songs: The Story of Your Life and The View From HereThe Story of Your Life is about the character Present (Will Ferrell) wishing to have a wife and family. It’s from the heart. The piece The View From Here is romantic and sweet. The mixed emotions of falling in love are genuine. The songs also teach lessons, such as the piece Do a Little Good which teaches the importance of kindness and compassion. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul also wrote the songs, doing excellent work.

The soundtrack for Spirited is available.

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