The Bodyguard 30th Anniversary – Movie & Music

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November 25, 2022, marks the 30th anniversary of the movie The Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. The bodyguard Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner), gets assigned a job to protect singer/actress Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston). 

Here are musical sequences from the movie that were impressive.

The music has a presence in various scenes of the movie. The first example is when Frank meets Rachel during a rehearsal for a video for the song  I Have Nothing. Then later in the film, we hear the tune I’m Every Woman. The most impressive music-related scene is when Rachel performs the piece Queen of the Night at a club then Frank goes to get her when she falls into the audience – crowd surfing.

The touching scene is when Frank and Rachel go to the movies and a bar afterwards. We hear a cover of I Will Always Love You – Country version similar to Dolly Parton’s original hit. 

The concert sequence in Miami, where Rachel performs  I Have Nothing was fantastic. The sound was impressive.

The most touching moment was when Rachel and her sister Nicki sang together Jesus Loves Me – a lovely bonding moment between sisters. Then the song plays during the post-funeral sequence.

The sequence during the Academy Awards was entertaining, including hearing Queen of the Night performed by Nita Whitaker.

Whitney Houston’s famous single I Will Always Love You is the last song heard in the movie before the credits comeIt represents the love story of The Bodyguard perfectly. It’s a bittersweet sequence, full of emotions.

After the credits, there’s a replay of Queen of the Night, representing the personality of Whitney Houston’s character Rachel.

The film’s music was incredible, especially Whitney Houston’s songs.

Happy 30th Anniversary to The Bodyguard!

Flora Youssef

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