Celia Berk’s Latest Album Now That I Have Everything

American artist Celia Berk has a new album entitled Now I Have Everything. The themes are love and life.

The music is a combination of Vocal and Jazz. The compositions are beautifully intricate with phenomenal rhythm. The piano and the cello give the album a fantastic dynamic of old-fashioned sounds combined with contemporary beats. It’s got a cozy and intimate vibe. It complements the atmosphere of a dinner party with some close friends.
    The album has songs that are semi-fast music. The song How Are Ya Fixed For Love is semi-fast that reminds me of Jazz music from the 1930s and 40s. It’s catchy and upbeat. The piece Boum parallels the music in Disney’s Pinocchio but with a Jazzy beat. The tune Love has an incredible rhythm parallel to the works of the late Marilyn Monroe, especially with the classic hit Diamonds are a Girl’s Best FriendOverjoyed is another song with a semi-fast rhythm that complements the romantic vibe. These upbeat pieces are remarkable and full of joy. 
    The record consists mainly of slow ballads. Except for It Happens Everyday, the songs have a romantic rhythm and style. The romantic pieces are Moonburn/The Late, Late ShowSweet and Lovely, Bittersweet, Dreamer / The Shadow of Your Smile, Right as the RainWith Every Breath, I Take, Comes Love and Now That I Have Everything. These love songs and ballads have incredible tempos with smooth transitions in rhythm. 
   The album is impressive in terms of old and new musical styles and is perfectly balanced.

    Celia Berk’s voice is smooth and rhythmic. She has an impressive vocal range that adapts according to a song’s rhythm and tone. She sings with incredible grace and finesse. She sounds soulful and passionate at the same time. 

The lyrics of the songs are poetic and, at times, romantic. The imagery in the album is descriptive and detailed. There’s a great use of freestyle poetry that complements the smooth flow of the songs.
    Here are some examples of the romantic songs in the album: How Are Ya Fixed For Love, Boum, and Moonburn/The Late, Late Show. These pieces are joyful and full of hope. She describes in extensive detail the emotions one feels when in love, which is lovely and genuine. The feelings of excitement and nerves are something to which one can relate.
   There is one song; however, that describes heartbreak and sadness, which is entitled It Happens Everyday. It tells the story of a couple whose relationship ends without an apparent reason, or possibly that the two drifted apart. It’s a relatable tune about how relationships are complex and that it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.

   The lyrics are well-written with a natural flow. There’s an incredible depth in the language that’s rich and bold. 

The album Now I Have Everything is available.

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