Single Saturdays: Eliane – Small World

Swiss Popstar Eliane has released a new single entitled Small World. The song is about a young woman struggling in life and asking for support from her significant other. It also symbolizes the importance of solidarity and support for one another in a world falling apart.

The music is Pop/Swiss Pop. The composition is phenomenal, with complements the melody of the piano. There’s an impressive range in the rhythm that represents different emotions felt by the woman. The musical structure is remarkable. It starts slow, then smoothly transitions to a faster rhythm. When the tempo goes up, it conveys a sense of hope. The slower parts are about discussing and figuring things out. The music is beautiful and rich in musical style.

Eliane’s voice is beautiful and soft. She sings in a heartfelt manner, with genuine vulnerability. She performs with excellent rhythm and incredible vocal range.

The lyrics are poetic and from the heart. The song describes the struggles of love combined with a woman’s inner personal struggles. The subject is relatable, especially the desire for someone to hear us out without judgment. The vulnerability is heartfelt. However, there’s a sense of hope amidst the emotional struggles and challenges. The raw emotions are palpable and genuine. It’s a metaphor for solidarity and how essential it is- there are layers of meaning, which is an impressive poetic style. The tune is well-written, with incredible depth in language. 

The single Small World is available.

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