First EP Fridays: Kremidas – Hold on Tight

American artist Kremidas has released his first EP entitled Hold on Tight. The theme is fun and adventure as well as love.

The music Alternative-Folk. It parallels traditional Irish folk music in its tonalities. The compositions are beautifully well-structured and rich in rhythm and style. The EP has a soothing sound in each ballad, complemented by the guitar. 

There are some lovely ballads: Clara, Over Half Way You’re Not Losing Me, and Between The Lines.
    The song Clara has a sweet and romantic sound. It parallels Green Day’s I Hope You Have The Time of Your Life in its smooth rhythm. The composition is soothing and relaxing. 
    The piece You’re Not Losing Me has a beautiful and calming sound. It reminds me of Sarah McLachlan’s 90s hit I Will Remember You, but with a Folk and Country twist. The guitar complements the vibe nicely.
     The song  Between The Lines has an impressive rhythm that starts intense and then transitions into a calm pace. Kremidas did a fantastic job with the composition and structure, especially with his guitar playing.
     The tune Over Half Way combines a ballad-style composition with an upbeat rock sound. It starts with a fast rhythm to smoothly transitions into a slow rhythm. The different types of beats create impressive suspense.

The EP also has fantastic upbeat songs: Reflections (No Regrets) and Hold On Tight
    The song Reflections (No Regrets) has a bold and cheerful rhythm. It sounds optimistic. There’s a life journey vibe reflected in the fast pace of the guitar. The composition is phenomenal and dynamic.
    The piece Hold On Tight has a joyful tone. It has a lovely and cheerful Summer vibe. There’s a sense of hope that everything will be alright. The EP ends on a happy note with this beautiful song.
    Kremidas’ voice in the song You’re Not Losing Me is husky and soulful. His singing is rhythmic with perfect consistency- with a rich and deep voice. He sings with kindness and tenderness.

The music in this EP is incredible and phenomenal, with an impressive range of musical styles and rhythms.

The song You’re Not Losing Me has lyrics that are soulful, heartfelt and profound. The words are sweet and from the heart. Even though a relationship has ended, there’s still a lovely sense of reassurance and compassion. The piece’s simplicity is perfect and conveys the meaning with precision. The words flow naturally and smoothly. The poetry has beautiful freestyle writing. 

The EP Hold on Tight is available.

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