Single Saturdays: Kingdom Street – Summer Love

Canadian duo Kingdom Street has released a new single entitled Summer Love. It’s a sweet love story during the Summer season. 

The music is French Pop. The song’s catchy sound parallels a 70s vibe combined with a contemporary sound. The guitar is fantastic to hear. It complements the wavy rhythm that gives it an awesome road trip vibe. The single has impressive beats. The upbeat tone adds to that enthusiastic and joyful feeling one has during the Summer season. The composition is incredible, with a vibrant structure and beat. 

Patrick Donovan et de Paméla Lajoie’s voices are rhythmic and soulful. Their voices complement each other nicely and in sync. Paméla Lajoie sings with a lovely softness- she sounds upbeat and happy. Patrick Donovan performs his parts in the song with a dynamic style. 

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The mood of the song is cheerful, even cute. The combination of French and English is impressive – the switch from one language to another is smooth. The tune is poetic with lovely freestyle writing to represent a laid-back, relaxed and carefree vibe. There are fun and exciting Summer references to which many can relate, such as roller coaster rides, mini-puts, an evening fire, road trips, etc. The feelings of joy and excitement are genuine – the words are from the heart.

The single Summer Love is available.

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