Robin Lane’s Latest Album Dirt Road to Heaven

American singer Robin Lane released a new album, Dirt Road to Heaven. The themes are love, Summer and life.

The music is Country, mixed with some Alternative sounds. There’s an impressively balanced mix of old-fashioned Country music and contemporary beats. For example, the song Hunny Drummer reminds me of Fleetwood Mac’s 70s hit Dreams. The album parallels the Country music style of Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn in the 70s. The compositions are rich, with an impressive harmony of instruments. Hearing the guitar throughout the record feels like a cozy gathering, creating an intimate and friendly feeling. The music is rhythmic, with a relaxing pace. 

Robin Lane’s voice is husky and bold. She captures the essence of each piece. She sings with heart and soul-performing each with the right emotions.  

The lyrics are profound and poetic. Every song has incredible linguistic richness, telling detailed stories through imagery and freestyle poetry.

The tune Dirt Road to Heaven is inspirational, about perseverance and determination. The album has great content about life and personal experiences. There’s an impressive range of subject matter. The piece Faded Leaves is relevant, especially as we head towards the end of the Summer season. Last Cute Minute reminds me of Willie Nelson’s style of songwriting with beautiful simplicity. The songs are dynamic and well-written. The poetry throughout the record is soulful and heartfelt. 

The album Dirt Road to Heaven is available.

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