Rick and Friends-Eponymous Album

 American group Rick and Friends released a new album called Rick and Friends. The themes are love and life in small towns (Countryside).

The music is Country. The musical style of the album parallels Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks. The sound is dynamic, with a fantastic intricacy in each composition. Rusty Wright does an incredible job playing the guitar, which compliments the old-school style. Mark “Boomer” Pappalardo is the master percussionist who plays the percussion with remarkable style. Bill Adams plays the bass on Cold Steel Blues and Forever Home. The tune Sweet Jackie reminds me of a Country classic, Sweet Home Alabama, especially with the upbeat rhythm. The music of each song is rich, full of heart and soul. 

The two musicians have a fantastic combo of voices. Rick Drevet’s voice is husky and bold. Rusty Wright also has impressive vocals. They both sing with heart and soul, as well as passion. The song River Creed has the voice of a news reporter in the background talking about floods that affected many people’s lives- it’s a detail that gives an idea of this tragedy’s impact.

The lyrics are poetic and profound. The songs have incredible storytelling with detailed descriptions and imagery. The use of Country music references, such as whiskey, country road, etc., gives the album a personal touch- for example, Smokey Whiskey and Cold Steel Blues. Also, some pieces cover the journey through life and growing as a person, such as Forever Home, Livin’ Day to Day, Sweet Jackie and Let It Fade. There’s a fantastic tune about looking within, as with Book of Wreckage, acknowledging what can improve- full of wisdom and inspiration. The words are well-written and rich, with songs with an extensive range of subject matter.

The album Rick and Friends is available.

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