Sun Deep’s Latest EP Sifnos

American artist Sun Deep has released a new EP entitled Sifnos. The record consists of musical blends (American and Indian) featuring great artists.

The fusion of two musical styles is remarkable. The music is RAP/Hip-Hop combined with Traditional Indian music. The compositions are impressive and intricate. The piece Mind Games has a mix of techno and Bollywood beats that blend nicely. The EP is rich and bold. Sun Deep does impressive combinations of musical styles that integrate both Indian and American styles/genres. The title of each song is perfectly suitable for the music heard in each piece. The last tune Sifnos has a lovely homage to Greek-style music. Sun Deep did fantastic work on the EP.

Flo St8’s voice is dynamic and sharp. He captures the essence and emotions of the song Searching. He sings a beautiful and heartfelt poem with heart and soul. The backup singers are remarkable and give an incredible boost to the piece. The tune Mind Games also has some lovely artists singing in the background.

The EP Sifnos is available.

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