Symphony of Sweden’s Second Album Saints of Yesterday

The Swedish group, Symphony of Sweden, released a second album, Saints of Yesterday. The themes are life, love and grief. 

The music is Rock, combined with Metal and Classical. The compositions are intricate and rich. It’s impressive to hear the various musical styles in each song played in perfect harmony. The music heard in each tune reflects the song’s mood and vibe with remarkable precision. The rhythm is edgy and bold. Pontus “Evan” Hagberg plays the keyboard with great precision, along with other musicians. They play their respective instruments (the guitar, the drums, and the piano) in sync. The drums heard in Making It Right remind me of a song from Queen called Stone Cold CrazyThe music, overall, parallels the works of Metallica, Guns N Roses, and Pink Floyd. Classical music sounds like a genuine symphony concert, mixed with Metal music, Pop and Electro. The diversity of musical styles makes the record rich and fluid.

Linus “Lee” Wester’s voice is husky and bold. He has an incredible vocal range that he adjusts according to the subject of each song. He sings with great passion. Evan Hagberg sings the background vocals, and he does a fantastic job.

The lyrics are well-written, have profound meaning and are full of emotions, making the album dynamic in the subject matter. The words are powerful and expressive. The tune Will She Fight is a sad and relatable piece about the struggles of love and relationships some may have in life. It’s a heartbreaking piece full of raw emotions and bold anticipation regarding this love story, which some may say is tragic. It leaves listeners to interpret the story as they choose. The songs are rich in language and freestyle poetry. At times, there’s an intensity in feeling, but sometimes, there’s a sense of hope or silver lining in some pieces. For example, ChampionsBailey, Making It Right, and The Road are the songs to demonstrate the feelings of heartache, yet there’s hope. There are fantastic metaphors to describe the various states of being, such as the pieces entitled Gates of Heaven and Saints of Yesterday. The album ends on a beautiful note with the song The Road about going after one’s dreams and pursuing the journey of life and love. It’s a heartfelt and profound piece, rich in poetry and depth.

The album Saints of Yesterday is available.

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