Soundtrack Saturdays: Elvis The Movie

On June 24, 2022, Elvis The Movie is playing in theatres. The film is a biopic of Elvis Presley’s life. There’s a soundtrack that goes with the movie. It consists of original songs by the King of Rock, covers of his famous hits, and pieces performed by Austin Butler (the actor portraying the music legend). The soundtrack is available on all streaming platforms.

The music is primarily Rock/Classic Rock. There are also other musical genres like R&B and Pop. Hearing the original songs by Elvis Presley creates feelings of nostalgia and appreciation for these famous hits. 

     There are fantastic covers of Elvis Presley songs and tunes by other famous artists to compliment the biopic’s vibe. That includes Kacey Musgraves’s Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley) and some other pieces, Strange Things Happening Every Day and Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, both traditional African-American spirituals tunes. The compositions are excellent.

     The music of three original songs is impressive and dynamic: Doja Cat- Vegas, Eminem & Ceelo Greene The King and I, and Swae Lee & Diplo Tupelo Shuffle. The tunes on the soundtrack have fantastic music and pay a lovely homage to Elvis Presley.

    Austin Butler’s voice is incredible and soulful. He performed some of Elvis Presley’s famous remarkably. He sang boldly and passionately. He did an excellent job following Elvis Presley’s vocal style and still has his musical style.

    The other artists on the soundtrack sing their covers or original singles incredibly. For example, Kacey Musgraves sings the classic hit Can’t Help Falling in Love with heart and soul through the musical style of Classic Country. The Rock band Måneskin performed their cover of If I Can Dream with a bold edge. Doja Cat performs her song Vegas with passion. She captures the essence of Elvis. The same goes for the duo of artists Swae Lee & Diplo with their single Tupelp Shuffle. These are some examples of how phenomenal these artists/bands are in honouring Elvis Presley.

    The singers on the soundtrack did a fantastic job performing the covers or original material with heart and soul.

     The soundtrack has original songs, including Doja Cat- Vegas and Swae Lee & Diplo Tupelo Shuffle. These pieces make references to various Elvis Presley songs. Each artist expresses their take and homage to the late King of Rock. 
     Vegas by Doja Cat is an impressive song about determination and hope in following one’s dreams. The words are catchy.
     Tupelo Shuffle by Swae Lee & Diplo is a catchy song that has lyrics that parallel the lyrical style of Elvis Presley’s music. I thought it was a piece by Elvis; that’s how fantastic and well-written this piece is.
The lyrics are well-written with fantastic freestyle writing.

The soundtrack for Elvis The Movie is available.

Side Note

The song The King and I by Eminem & Ceelo Greene contains language that may be offensive to some listeners.

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