Corneille’s Latest Album Encre Rose

Canadian singer Corneille has released a new album entitled Encre Rose (Pink ink). The themes are love and life.

The music is French Pop. The album has an incredible mix of musical styles similar to the 70s and 80s combined with contemporary sounds. The compositions are fantastic – rich in diverse sounds and rhythms.

     The upbeat songs are incredible, especially with music similar to disco sounds. The pieces are Petit Pas, Le Prix Des Étoiles, Pause, Rope a Dope, Rendez-Vous à Minuit, Nouveau Monde, and Nouveau PouvoirPetit Pas (tiny/baby steps) has an impressive fusion of musical styles similar to Reggae and Disco. Pause has a cheerful and upbeat sound that represents joy and hope. Le Prix Des Étoiles (the value of the stars) has a disco beat that reminds me of the Bee Gees, including their single Night FeverRope a Dope has a remarkable musical structure through a particular set of notes. The composition is dynamic. Rendez-Vous à Minuit (an appointment at midnight) has an incredible beat. It reminds me of ABBA’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)Nouveau Monde (new world) parallels the song Maneater by Daryl Hall and Hall & Oates. It has a bold old-school beat that complements the catchy sound of the piece. Nouveau Pouvoir (a new power) reminds me of Corneille’s famous single Ensemble (together) from 2002. These lively tunes are remarkable.

    The record also has two lovely ballads, Les Hommes De Ma Vie and Bon Voyage. Les Hommes De Ma Vie (The men in my life) is slow, with some moments where the tempo goes up to a dance-like beat. Bon Voyage (have a nice trip) starts from a slow to a semi-fast rhythm. It reminds me of Corneille’s remake of Celine Dion’s hit Amour or Amitié (love or friendship). The way the song ends with a saxophone is impressive. 

The music throughout the album is rich, full of incredible blends of musical styles, including the 70s and 80s. The sound is bold and catchy.

Corneille’s voice is husky and bold. He has a remarkable vocal range and singing style – hitting each note with impressive precision. He sings each tune with the right emotions. He performs with an incredible rhythm in each song.

The lyrics are poetic and profound. Some of the songs are also heartfelt and romantic. 

 There are personal and heartfelt songs: Petit Pas, Rope a Dope, Les Hommes De Ma Vie, and Rendez-Vous à MinuitThese songs talk about life experiences with great depth. Petit Pas (tiny steps) is a touching piece about when one starts something; a first step is necessary. Rope a Dope is an uplifting song about living life fully and pursuing one’s dreams. Les Hommes De Ma Vie (the men in my life) is a heartfelt song about the men who influence Corneille, which is profound and soulful. Rendez-Vous à Minuit (an appointment at midnight) is an impactful song about the problems societies face, including hate and racism. It’s heartbreak, but there’s still a glimmer of hope.

Other pieces are romantic PauseEncre Rose, Nouveau Monde, and Nouveau Pouvoir. Pause is a beautiful song about how essential it is to take a step back, either for a break or to take a moment to remember the blessings one has. Encre Rose (pink ink) is a touching metaphor about how incredible love can impact a person’s life, especially when it’s genuine. Nouveau Monde (New world) is a lovely representation of the world’s endless possibilities. Nouveau Pouvoir (new power) is an incredible piece of two people whose love is new and shows that their romantic journey is starting. These love songs are sweet and full of hope.

The album has two songs covering heartbreak:  Le Prix Des Étoiles and Bon VoyageLe Prix Des Étoiles is a sad piece about how the stars’ works of art (including music) gain value after they die. It’s a reminder that artists deserve honour and praise when they’re alive. The song is impactful. Bon Voyage (have a nice trip) covers the stage of a breakup when life gets better. It’s an inspiration that things do look up after heartbreak. These sad pieces are profound and cover heartbreak in a well-written way.

The lyrics of these songs are rich in language and meaning.

The album Encre Rose is available.

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