Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – If You Really Ain’t Had Covid

American singer Chris Mann has released a new single entitled If You Really Ain’t Had Covid. It’s a parody of Spice Girls’ Wannabe. The story is about a guy who stays home a lot and is scared to go out because of COVID

The music is Pop/Brit Pop. The song has the same composition as Wannabe – the similarities are impressive. The beat is just as catchy and has a nostalgic effect. The rhythm is fantastic in its smooth and gradual transitions. The music is incredibly accurate in its musical queues, especially the parts leading up to the chorus. It remarkably follows the moments leading to the fade-out. As a Spice Girls fan, I appreciated the 90s vibe and remembered Wannabe with fond memories. I feel like getting up and dancing just as if I heard the original song. 

Chris Mann’s singing style is similar to Spice Girls. He sings with enthusiasm and humour. He sounds like he’s genuinely having fun, especially when watching the video.

The song follows the same lyrical structure as the original version. The lyrics are funny and well-written. It talks about how it seems like an exception if one didn’t catch COVID in the midst of trying to avoid it. There’s a humorous take on having a social life during COVID. My favourite lines are “You ain’t never without four masks” and “you think you can handle that strain – Are you for real?”- which add to the comic relief and humour. What’s incredible is how I can recognize the original lyrics of Wannabe. The sentence “Sick Sick Cough” is another good one that immediately has me remembering the original one “I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah.” The accuracy of the lyrics in following the original song is fantastic – at times, I would think of the words for Wannabe instead of If You Really Ain’t Had Covid.

The single If You Really Ain’t Had Covid is available.

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