First Album Fridays: Félix Lemelin – Seul à la fin

Canadian and Quebecois singer Félix Lemelin has released his first album entitled Seul à la fin (Alone in the end). The themes are love and heartbreak.

The music is French Pop. The musical styles are diverse and rich – it parallels classical French music. There are incredible parallels – the first example is the song I’m Done Anyway (assez parlé), which parallels Beyoncé’s Halo. The compositions are impressive. The piano in Tout ce qu’il faut (everything that it takes) is incredible, then smoothly transitions to the sounds of the guitar and the drums. Par tout de toi  (by you) reminds me of Billie Eilish’s single No Time to Die for the recent James Bond movie with the same name. The pieces Par tout de toi and Raconte-Moi have an Ed Sheeran vibe. The tune Toi et Moi  (you and me) parallels Coldplay’s song Viva La Vida.
The album primarily has ballads, rich in rhythm and style. The tunes: I’m Done Anyway (assez parlé), Tout ce qu’il faut, Dans ma tête, Lonely Together, Je suis là, Illuminate, Par tout de toi  , Raconte-moiToi et Moi, Dis-moi pourquoi, Jamais revenir, The Truth Of Me (with Lara Fabian). These ballads have intricate compositions, including the beautiful sounds of the piano. 
The record also has four upbeat songs: Chez nous  (with Lara Fabian), Un mot à la fois (with Lara Fabian), Raconte-Moi, and Tout ira bien. The music is dynamic, such as the tune Un mot à la fois (with Lara Fabian) with a 70s vibe. There’s an old-school feel at certain moments mixed with contemporary beats. The combination is impressive.
The music is bold and edgy. It is a combination of styles of classical French music mixed with contemporary sounds. 

Félix Lemelin’s voice is fantastic. There are three lovely duets with Lara Fabian with the following songs: Chez nous, Un mot à la fois, and The Truth Of Me. His singing technique is impressive with a rich vocal range – it parallels the styles of Ed Sheeran and George Michael.

The lyrics are profound, poetic, and at times romantic. The words are full of heart and soul. It’s impressive to hear songs in French and English – sometimes, a piece is bilingual. The tunes are well-written. 
The album has quite a few romantic pieces: Tout ce qu’il faut ,Je suis là, Chez nous (with Lara Fabian), Toi et Moi, Un mot à la fois (with Lara Fabian), Raconte-Moi,  and The Truth Of Me (with Lara Fabian). There’s such incredible depth in each song. Tout ce qu’il faut (what it takes) is a heartwarming piece about a man committed to his significant other and the relationship. Je Suis là  (I’m here) is a sweet and heartfelt song in which the man reassures the one he loves that he cares. Chez nous (at our place), a duet with Lara Fabian, nicely represents true love. Toi et Moi  (you and me) is a sweet tune about the celebration of one another. Un mot à la fois (one word at a time), with Lara Fabian, is a simplistic and touching piece about taking time with love. Raconte-Moi (tell me) is a lovely song about a man listening to his significant other with focus, love and respect. The Truth Of Me (with Lara Fabian) is a sweet piece about two people who realize their love can overcome anything, starting with letting go of the past and focusing on the future.
The record also has two motivation-focused songs: Illuminate and Tout ira bien. Illuminate is a touching piece about self-love and self-care, about being an inspiration to oneself and others. Tout ira bien (things will get better) is a fantastic song about not giving up, and that one door opens, another one opens- perseverance and determination.
The album also has touching songs about heartbreak: I’m Done Anyway (assez parlé)Dans ma tête, Lonely Together, Par tout de toi, Dis-moi pourquoi, and Jamais revenir. I’m Done Anyway (assez parlé) is a heartfelt song about learning to say enough is enough. Dans ma tête (in my head) is a great tune that describes what it feels like when one overthinks and the emotional struggles that come with this situation. The vulnerability is palpable and raw. Lonely Together is a song full of raw emotions about coming to terms with when a relationship is over. It’s such a powerful piece. Par tout de toi  (everywhere with you) is a sad piece about the struggles of accepting the end of a relationship. There’s an incredible to this song. Dis-moi pourquoi (tell me why) describes what many go through following a breakup. Jamais Revenir (never coming back) is another piece describing that feeling of deep darkness caused by separation. The way Félix Lemelin covers heartbreak is profound, full of vulnerability and honesty. 
The lyrics are well-written – rich in language and poetry. The coverage of different subject matters is dynamic and diverse.

The album  Seul à la fin is available.

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