Single Saturdays: Dany Bédar et Le monde de Benjamin – Une pause de toi

Canadian and Quebecois singer Dany Bédar has released a new single entitled Une Pause De Toi (A break from you). It’s an homage to an autistic kid named Benjamin.

The music is French Pop /Country. The composition is well-structured and rich – a beautiful ballad with some upbeat parts. It starts slowly to then smoothly increases in tempo. The guitar in the background adds a cozy feel to the song. The drums also play an essential role in the tune that complements that heartwarming sentiment. The music is relaxing and soothing in which the rhythm is smooth, with some wavy moments representing pure joy and love. I imagine it puts a smile on listeners’ faces.   

Dany Bédar’s voice is sweet and soulful. He has a consistent and soft rhythm to his vocal style. He sings with kindness and genuine love.

The lyrics are touching and sweet. The song is about an autistic kid named Benjamin- a heartwarming homage. It also raises awareness about autism. The words are poetic and tell a beautiful story. The structure of the tune is smooth. It nicely represents an idea of how there’s more to autistic people than just their autism. There’s an incredible depth to the song – an emotional component in which the story is from a father’s perspective expressing his love for his son. It makes the single relatable and sentimental. The tune is well-written and rich in language – full of heart and soul.

The single Une Pause De Toi is available. 

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