First Album Fridays: William Cloutier – On Ira

Canadian and Quebecois singer William Cloutier has released his first album entitled On Ira (We will go)The themes are love and living life.

The music is French Pop. The album has an incredible combination of contemporary sounds with a 70s vibe, such as the pieces  Ton Armure (Your armour) and Ce Soir Je Danse (Tonight I dance). An impressive tune is Pour Se Plaire (to please one another), which parallels Annie Lennox’s 80s hits Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and ABBA’s Give Me A Man (After Midnight).There are impressive and bold compositions. The guitar and piano add a fantastic touch.
     The upbeat songs are dynamic with catchy music. The pieces are On Ira (guitar bits), Comme Des Cons (Like dumb people), Ton Armure (Your armour), Pour Se Plaire, and Ce Soir Je Danse (tonight I dance). There’s a bold old-school sound in these tunes. 
     The ballads are beautiful and rich in tones and music: Nous (Us), On Ne Sait Plus (We don’t know anymore),  Côte à Côte (side by side), S’aimer Plus Fort, Alerte A (The “A” Alerte) and Si Pour Me Voir (if it is to see me). The piano, the primary instrument, gives these songs a lovely sound. The musician sets the tone for each piece in how the person plays the piano.
The music is dynamic and impressive. The compositions are well-structured, with an incredible mix of musical styles (old-school and contemporary).

William Cloutier’s voice is rhythmic and deep. He sings with heart and soul. He has an impressive richness in his voice that is bold and dynamic – He captures the essence of each song.

The tunes are profound and poetic, rich in language and subject matter, including dynamic metaphors. The lyrics are romantic or personal and from the heart. There are romantic songs, while others cover heartbreak and life in general
There are beautiful romantic songs: On Ira, Côte à Côte (side by side), S’aimer Plus Fort and Si Pour Me Voir. The depth of these pieces is touching and heartfelt.   On Ira is a cheerful love song about a 16-year-old guy who falls in love and imagines a beautiful future. Côte à Côte (side by side) is a sweet piece about the importance of family and genuine love. S’aimer Plus Fort is a poetic song about appreciating a life partner and the beautiful sentiment that love grows stronger. Si Pour Me Voir is a bittersweet but hopeful piece about the journey one has to take to know oneself before jumping into love and a life of commitment. The love in each song feels genuine, profound and palpable. 
Other pieces cover heartbreak: On Ne Sait Plus (We don’t know anymore), Ton Armure (Your armour), Alerte A, Pour Se Plaire. The song On Ne Sait Plus touches on the doubt and a relationship at risk of falling apart, which is relatable. Ton Armure is about the struggles of relationships and how one may put up a shield from love – it is expressive and full of depth regarding the challenges of dating. Alerte A is about feeling intense heartbreak, something to which one can relate – it covers with a precision that sense of confusion. Pour Se Plaire is about the struggles of love and whether it’s genuine. These songs have depth in describing the struggles of heartache and grief.
The album also has three songs that are neither about romance nor heartbreak Comme Des Cons (Like dumb people), Nous, Ce Soir Je Danse. Comme Des Cons is an impressive piece about how guys, in particular, can be disrespectful and arrogant towards women. The tune is catchy and teaches an important lesson. The song Nous is a heartfelt piece about taking care of the environment and the essence of being proactive. Ce Soir Je Danse is a lovely piece about celebrating life with confidence and happiness.
The songs on the album are full of depth and well-written, covering love, heartbreak and life in great detail.

The album On Ira is available.

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