Single Saturdays: Christina Perri – Evergone

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American singer Christina Perri has released a new single entitled Evergone. The song is about dealing with the loss of someone dear -a touching tribute, in this case, to Christina Perri’s late daughter Rosie.

The music is Pop. It’s a ballad that has a smooth rhythm with some upbeat parts. The composition is beautifully well-structured. The guitar, the drums and the piano are in sync with one another, complementing the music. There’s a sense of healing amid grief and sadness when the tempo goes up. The song ends on a lovely soft fade-out. 

Christina Perri’s voice is soft, deep and soulful. She sings with grace and courage, singing about the difficult topic of losing a loved one. 

The lyrics are touching and heartfelt. Christina Perri, Jason Bell, Jordan Miller, and Jennifer Decilveo wrote the song with a beautiful simplicity. The tune honours Christina Perri’s late daughter Rosie. It also helps cope with losing someone- it’s something to which one can relate. The song expresses vulnerability, which takes courage. There’s also a sense of comfort with memories. It ends with a moving and poetic outro. 

The single Evergone is available.

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