Single Saturdays: John Legend – Free

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American singer John Legend has released a new single entitled Free. He performed the song for the first time at the recent Grammys. It’s about freedom and persevering for it.

The music is Pop. It’s a beautiful ballad with a remarkable composition. John Legend gracefully plays the piano with style and finesse. The piano in the background reminds me of choir performances in churches. The rhythm is smooth, and the music is calming. It’s impressive to hear the gradual tempo, increasing slightly within a slow-paced ballad. The word free in the background adds a lovely musical touch. The music is intricate, rich and deep. 

John Legend’s voice is soulful and rhythmic. He has a distinctive vocal style. He sings from the heart, with kindness and compassion.

The lyrics are hopeful and inspirational. The song tells stories about seeking freedom and standing up for it. There are beautiful metaphors throughout the tune. The first example is the rain mentioned in the chorus, representing something unlimited. The second one is the mountain, which depicts the perseverance and determination of reaching the top. The words are poetic with an incredible freestyle, which works with the topic of freedom.

    The tune is about having faith, even in the most challenging times. The poetry is profound and powerful.

The single Free is available.

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