Nicholas Bridgman’s Latest Album Blue Horizon

    American pianist Nicholas Bridgman has released a new album entitled Blue Horizon. The record features three talented musicians: Craig Hall (guitar), Dan Koloski (bass), and Jim O’Sullivan (drums).

   The music is Jazz. The album combines the modern sounds of Jazz with classic Jazz- it gives a great blend of sounds. The compositions are intricate, with an impressive fusion of musical styles. The tempo is smooth and rhythmic. There’s a fantastic group of musicians Craig Hall (guitar), Dan Koloski (bass), and Jim O’Sullivan (drums).

    There are excellent upbeat songs, including one with Latin Jazz entitled Earthworm. It parallels the musical styles of theme songs heard in 90s sitcoms, like The Nanny or Will & Grace.
That Old Fair Is in Town is a lovely piece with a Broadway vibe. The music is catchy and full of rhythm and style. The notes are remarkable.
The song Beautiful Memories reminds me of John Legend, especially as the piano player in La La LandSmooth Landing also reminds me of The Jazz performances heard in La La Land.
The pieces of Blue Horizon, Morning Showers, and Journey of a Leaf have a lovely Summer vibe.
The piece Down Home 2.0 is a lovely song that ends the album on a good note.

There are two songs with a mix of slow and fast tempos: Elevation and Grounding. The combination of slow and fast in these two pieces is well-structured. The compositions are impressively intricate and rhythmic.

The album has two beautiful ballads: Cascades and Serpentine
The tune Cascades has a lovely dinner party vibe – cozy and intimate with a group of close friends. It has a cheerful sound. 
The song Serpentine sounds romantic and sweet. It parallels the musical styles of Michael Bublé’s cover of Moondance in its contemporary sounds. The piano in the background, played by Nicholas Bridgman, complements that vibe nicely.  

    The compositions are rich and intricate – full of sophistication and style. Nicholas Bridgman plays the piano remarkably. Craig Hall (guitar), Dan Koloski (bass), and Jim O’Sullivan (drums) played their instruments perfectly. Together they played in perfect harmony with one another. 

 The album Blue Horizon is available.

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