Maren Morris’ Third Album Humble Quest

American singer Maren Morris has a new album entitled Humble Quest. The themes are love, personal experiences (i.e. having a baby), and heartbreak.

The music is Country. The album’s musical content parallels Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, and Faith Hill. The rhythm is superb and flows naturally in the record. There’s a fantastic variety of beats and rhythm that works well with each song, tailored to the mood of each one of them—the guitar and the piano complement the fantastic compositions. The record has a lovely sense of intimacy and coziness, as it feels as if it were a peek through the lives of a woman and her everyday life. The music is relaxing, therapeutic and dynamic.

Maren Morris’s voice is deep and soulful. She has an impressive vocal style- she hits the high notes perfectly. She sings with heart, soul and passion, talking about her personal stories. 

The lyrics are personal and, at times, romantic. The songs are profound and poetic. The love songs are from the heart, full of sweet sentiment. The album’s personal stories about life experiences make it genuine – one feels a connection to it. The words are well-written, with a fantastic richness in language and meaning. The range of subject matter in the record is incredible, from talking about love to having a family and life in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The poetry is beautiful and free-spirited through the use of freestyle writing.

The album Humble Quest is available. 

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