Michael Bublé’s Latest Album Higher

Canadian singer Michael Bublé has released a new album entitled Higher. The themes are love and heartbreak. There are four original songs. 

The music is Pop. The song Higher has sounds similar to Spanish music that is bold and edgy, with a modern twist. The arrangements are remarkable and well-structured. The album parallels the musical styles of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin with the Crooner genre. It also reminds me of Michael Bublé’s 2003 eponym album. The compositions of the covers have a lovely modern touch to them while still honouring the classics, such as My Valentine (Paul McCartney) and You’re The First, The Last, My Everything (Barry White). The music in The First, The Last, My Everything reminds me of Barry White’s classic hit Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby, with an incredible 70s-style sound. The symphony of musicians is impressive and gives the album that crooner-style and 50s charm with a touch of the 70s. The vibe is romantic and cozy.

Michael Bublé’s voice is soulful, smooth and rhythmic. He sounds sweet and romantic, singing each song from the heart. He also sings the covers of the classics nicely. There’s a lovely cover of Crazy with Willie Nelson, the singer of the original piece. Their voices compliment each other well.

The album has four original songs: I’ll Never Not Love YouBaby I’ll WaitHigher and Mother. These pieces are romantic, profound and poetic. The poetry is well-written and full of heart and soul. 

      The song I’ll Never Not Love You is a romantic and heartwarming tune that tells the story of a man who wants to prove to the woman he loves he won’t hurt her, as the previous guy did. It’s sweet, hopeful and full of genuine love. Michael Bublé and Michael Pollack did an incredible job writing this piece.

     Baby I’ll Wait is a sweet and touching song about a man willing to wait for the woman for as long as it takes, respecting her wishes-he’s not pressuring or rushing her into anything. The words are beautiful and romantic. There’s heartwarming respect and kindness. Fraser Churchill, Greg Wells, Jason Reeves, Michael Bublé, Nathan Chapman and John Mayer co-wrote the song – excellent job!

     Higher is a bold and edgy piece. The lyrics are dynamic, with impressive contrasts in language. Michael Bublé’s son Noah (who gets credit on the album) came up with the line “When you go low, I go high,” which he liked and incorporated into the song. They wrote the tune along with Ryan Tedder and Greg Wells. The words are catchy and full of swag.

Mother is a heartwarming song that honours mothers/wives nicely. It even has a personal touch, an homage to Michael Bublé’s wife. Greg Wells, Jon Bellion, Michael Bublé, and Michael Pollack wrote this song with impressive attention to detail and emotion. 

These four songs are romantic and endearing. There’s hope that love is possible and long-lasting—fantastic job to the writers of these original pieces.  

The album Higher is available.

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