Mitski’s Sixth Album Laurel Hell

American artist Mitski has released a new album entitled Laurel Hell. The themes are darkness and life experiences (both positive and negative)

The music is Alternative. It parallels the works of The Cranberries and Evanescence. The piano in the background is incredible. The compositions are remarkable. The music is bold and edgy, with an impressive mix of musical styles. There’s a fun 80s vibe throughout the album – for example, The Only Heartbreaker parallels the musical structure of the song Take On Me by A-HA. Love Me More has a sound that reminds me of ABBA’s Does Your Mother Know. The rhythm is fantastic and dynamic. The music has a distinctive combination of old-school with modern/contemporary sounds that give the record that excellent dynamic.

Mitski’s voice is husky and rich. She sings with incredible depth and sounds soulful. Her vocal style is edgy and bold – she performs her songs with great passion.

The album impressively has a shift in emotions: sad to hopeful, even happy. The lyrics are expressive and poetic. The words are

deep and rich in language and layered meanings. The intricacy of the songs is beautiful, full of raw emotions. The songs have a profound introspection and question about life and purpose. It’s remarkable to hear the genuine vulnerability in each piece – it makes them human and relatable. The lyrics have heart and soul – it reaches people deeply.

The album Laurel Hell is available.

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