Single Saturdays: Sarah Manzo ft. Rossetti -The Truth

American artist Sarah Manzo has a new single entitled The Truth, featuring Rossetti. The song is about a girl whose partner says he loves her, but he’s cheating on her and lying to her. 

The music is R&B/Soul. The song is impressive in musical composition and style. The arrangement is fantastic, and there’s an incredible rhythm. It starts slow and calm, and then it gradually increases in tempo. After that, the beat has a catchy sound with a bold intensity to represent the tension in the couple’s relationship. The music plays in a wavy rhythm to describe the “ups and downs” as it were an intense roller coaster. It reminds me of a person’s fast heartbeat, including in stress.

Sarah Manzo and Rosetti’s voices are fantastic and complement each other nicely. They perform in sync with one another. They express their emotions with clarity and precision. 

The lyrics are profound, expressive of a pending heartbreak and sadness caused by deceit and infidelity (as represented in the video). The song expresses the struggles of getting over someone, including when one invested deeply in the relationship. There’s that stage of denial before finally admitting the reality that the partner in question was unfaithful and lying all the time. There’s so much meaning in the unsaid – it boldly has a read between the lines style to express the pain and sorrow. The lyrics are well-written and straightforward in demonstrating the typical situation when a relationship fails because of infidelity.

The single The Truth is available.

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