Single Saturdays: Lauren Spencer-Smith – Fingers Crossed

Canadian singer Lauren Spencer-Smith has released a new single entitled Fingers Crossed. The song is about a woman whose boyfriend didn’t genuinely love her. 

The music is Pop. The composition is incredibly well-structured. It starts with the fantastic sound of the guitar at a slow pace. Then, it increases gradually and smoothly. It also has a waviness of the slow rhythm to represent the ups and downs, to reflect the woman’s heartbreak and anger from her partner’s betrayal, who lied to her about saying he loved her. The music is also slow and heavy, which sets the tone nicely.

Lauren Spencer-Smith’s voice is passionate and powerful. She has a remarkable vocal to reflect the various emotions. She also sings with a relatable vulnerability and sadness. Her vocal style is impressive.

The lyrics are profound and expressive. It covers the familiar details, such as not taking advice from family and friends. It tells the relatable story of how a relationship starts with everything feels lovely and magical to then change into lies and heartbreak. The sentiment of betrayal is one that many understand, especially when one party did everything they could have done for the relationship. The “fingers crossed” concept represents lies and secrecy caused by one partner to the other. There’s a silver lining when the song says, ” I don’t miss you anymore,” which symbolizes that the woman is moving on. Also, the idea of “Wanting to get back the tears” represents wishing that one had not wasted time and energy on someone who caused so much. The song is heartfelt and full of raw emotions.

The single Fingers Crossed is available.

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